Wouldn't It Be Something(10/4/16)
Dennis DepcikDennis Depcik  • 2016-10-04 00:00 查看:267
I’m sorry, but this is going to be a short entry. These past few days have been very hectic, but I did promise to send something every Tuesday.




After telling her several times that I wanted her to send me a picture of herself, she asked me the following question:


Do you really want a picture of me? Haven’t they discovered another means of curing the hiccups in Germany?


When I finally did receive the picture, Maggie had crossed out something written on the back of it. It appeared to be the name of another guy. I didn’t care, I had my picture.



The last few letters I wrote to Maggie were very short and were written on the back of note card. I explained to her that I had run out of stationary and kept forgetting to pick some up whenever I was shopping. Her response to me was unexpected. When I opened her letter, a short piece of white string fell to the floor. Maggie began her letter:


Enclosed please find one string to be tied around your index finger (right hand). This is to aid you to remember that stationary for you is vital to me.


She ended that letter with a fairly common comment:


Until I hear from you or you hear from me again, please take care.


And then made the following observation:


P.S. I don’t mean that when I hear from you or when you hear from me you should stop taking care of yourself. What a goofy way to end a letter.




I simply love the way Maggie described receiving a small package from me around Christmas time. I told her I was sending her a small gift, but wouldn’t tell her what it was. When she describes receiving it, I felt as if I was in the same room with her:


Stop! My landlady just brought my mail to me (a package from you). I refuse to open it until Christmas!! Thank you for the present but let me save my “real” thank you for when I open it. (It rattles!) (It’s lightweight) (It’s small). I bet it’s a tape!! No, maybe, maybe it’s --- no ---perfume? a picture? a knick-knack? I’ll go crazy!!!!!! No, I refuse to open it until Christmas.




A couple more of my favorite excerpts that made me laugh:


Your homecoming is 11 days away, yet I feel the butterflies on my insides already (either that or I’ve got worms!)


Oh, I bought a parakeet and his name is Skootie. He’s real cute and just as stupid.