Wouldn't It Be Something(8/22/16)
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Today's entry is a little brief. Both my eight year old granddaughter and I celebrated our birthday yesterday evening. Our entire family was at her house - my three children, their spouses and my seven grandchildren. Consequently, since I usually try to write much of my entry the night before I send it, I only have a little time after I returned home. I will try to write again in a few more days.




I loved what Maggie said to me in a letter she wrote in late February, 1968. It was these funny, creative, playful comments she would make that set her so far apart from any other girl I knew. What she wrote was simple and in some ways even silly, but it made me laugh:


I miss you, scrawn. You know if you were home I’d be a million times more content and happy. I could cuddle you, and run away from you, and wrestle with you, and laugh with you, and cry with you, and talk with you, and be quiet with you, and walk with you, and ride with you, and work with you, and go to the zoo with you, and shop with you, and sing with you, and eat with you , and (getting monotonous????) sleep with you (Ah Ha, getting better eh!), and fight with you, (for variety only) and love with you, and on and on and on.




In a letter that I sent to Maggie about a week later, I told her about a recent conversation I had with a German couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) and was interested in her reaction to their philosophy about marriage. I wasn’t saying that I thought their idea was a good one, but I did find it interesting.


I was talking to a couple of German acquaintances last night (girlfriend and boyfriend) and they brought up an idea which fascinated me and I would like your reaction. They thought that after a couple had been married for a while, they should have separate bedrooms. They reasoned that this would have numerous advantages: the husband would be spared the sight of his wife greased down and pinned up; the wife would be spared the discomfort of a snoring husband; both would have a great deal more privacy when desired; both could face each other in the morning after being fully awakened and much more becoming – and both could spend the evening in the same room when both consented. COMMENTS PLEASE.




Maggie wrote back quickly and was very clear in expressing her thoughts about such an arrangement:


Separate bedrooms? Well, I think that if I woke up during the night feeling afraid, I’d want a comforting hand right near me. And if rollers turn my husband off when we’re making love, then I’ll wait until he’s fast asleep before I set my hair. And I’ll eat a Cert before he awakes to my first kiss. And if we need privacy there’s a den, or a long drive, or a lonely walk. No, separate bedrooms may be a great solution to some people’s lull in romance, but not for Miss Maggathie. If my husband loses his interest because of the monotony of it all, I won’t be Maggathie!!  My husband wouldn’t even suggest separate bedrooms (or I’d cry to death).


(I don’t know if you are familiar with “Cert,” but it’s a breath mint.)