{ "list": [ { "desc": "平淡但又不平凡的日子总是一天天的流逝又一个猴年来了,20几载春秋,青春在弹指一挥间大半已经一去不返经历过家庭无休止的猜忌争吵,面对过无理的压迫与不解; ...", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/iread\/default\/default.jpg", "title": "成长的那些痛", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=15497" }, { "desc": " I’ve always been a talker and after Maggie died, I wanted to talk about her to anyone who would listen. However, I found that after a number of ", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(2\/4\/16)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33163" }, { "desc": " Maggie didn’t die from cancer. She died from the cure. It was the radiation to her brain that killed her bit by bit over the thirteen years that", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(1\/27\/16)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33162" }, { "desc": " 遇 见 你 那一年,我十八岁...... 开始对未来充满期待 ...", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/iread\/default\/default.jpg", "title": "遇见你", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=15419" }, { "desc": "1、刚进初中那会英语是最拖我后腿的学科,那时候我数学都是满分,语文也是班级的一二名,第一次摸底考英语,我才考了班级平均分,印象中是七十几。当时就下定 ...", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/iread\/default\/default.jpg", "title": "分享几个学英语的故事和一些经验", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=15371" }, { "desc": " I didn’t write any more poems for over 30 years. My work became my passion and I never seemed to have the time or the inspiration to write poetr", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(1\/18\/2016)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33161" }, { "desc": " Maggie was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in 1996, when she was forty-eight years old. It was cancer of the lung that had spread to her brain. Alth", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(1\/12\/16)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33160" }, { "desc": " Today I would like to share a couple more of Maggie’s poems. We had been married for about nine years, had our four children, and were living ", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(1\/3\/16)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33159" }, { "desc": " Christmas Day has passed and I am now back to my less hectic life. Thank you for understanding that I would not be able to send much during this b", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(12\/27\/15)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33158" }, { "desc": " It is the Christmas Season in the United States from now through 12\/25\/15. I don’t know how familiar you are with our Christmas celebration, but", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something( 12\/13\/15)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33157" }, { "desc": " Maggie continued to write poems after we were married. I was busy with graduate school and just didn’t have the time to do the same. That’s no", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(12\/6\/15)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33156" }, { "desc": "I so much enjoyed talking to all of you the other day and wish we could have had more time with each other. I have spent much of today with my ch", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(12\/5\/15)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33155" } ], "varpage": "1<\/a>2<\/a>3<\/a>4<\/a>5<\/a>6<\/a>7<\/a>8<\/a>9<\/a>10<\/a>...209<\/a>更多...<\/a>" }