{ "list": [ { "desc": "今天要练的内容是:It’s up to you.重点在up to如何理解,up to表示由谁决定。所以It’s up to you. 就表示由你决定,听你的,你定吧,取决于你。A:我们去哪 ...", "img": "", "title": "【口语天天练】It's up to you", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=14612" }, { "desc": "Not content with posting your selfies on Facebook or Twitter? Well, now you can wear them for everyone to see.将自拍发布到脸书和推特上还不过瘾吗?现 ...", "img": "http:\/\/village.links123.com\/static\/ext\/ueditor\/themes\/default\/images\/spacer.gif", "title": "Instagram 图片可以印在皮肤上啦", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=14571" }, { "desc": "I can't leave this job at the moment. 我现在离不开。2. I'm tied up at the moment. 我这会儿正忙呢。3. It's been a long day. 今天忙了一天。4. I've got ...", "img": "", "title": "“忙,忙,忙”英文怎么说?", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=14561" }, { "desc": " I was discharged from the Army on 10 April 1968. After returning to Chicago, I accepted a position in the Personnel Department of a large compan", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(10\/18\/15)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33147" }, { "desc": "今天我们要练的口语是How big of you! 是一个感叹句的句型,how加上形容词,然后用of引出我们要表扬的对象。How big of you! Big, 大的,这里表示很棒的,优 ...", "img": "", "title": "【口语天天练】How big of you!", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=14551" }, { "desc": "央视网消息(新闻联播):中共中央政治局10月12号下午就全球治理格局和全球治理体制进行第二十七次集体学 习。中共中央总书记习近平在主持学习时强调,我们参 ...", "img": "", "title": "习近平:推动全球治理体制更加公正更加合理", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=14519" }, { "desc": "Are you by yourself? 你一个人来吗?Are you kidding me? 跟我开玩笑啊?Back in a moment! 马上回来!Boys will be boys! 本性难移!Come to the point! 有话直 ...", "img": "", "title": "超实用的英语四字短句", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=14510" }, { "desc": " My time in the military would soon be ending so long as President Johnson didn’t decide to extend the time every soldier had to stay. The fighti", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(10\/13\/15)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33146" }, { "desc": "通过词根记单词7:populpopulation全体居民,人口populous 人口稠密的populate 使人民居住于…中,使人口集中在…之中,移民于….Repopulate 使人民重新居住于 ...", "img": "", "title": "通过词根记单词7:popul", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=14507" }, { "desc": "通过词根记单词6:ante-ante-表示quot;前面,先quot;antedate提前写日期;先于,早于(ante+date日期→提前写日期)anterior前面的(ante+erior →前面的)ante ...", "img": "", "title": "通过词根记单词6:ante-", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=14504" }, { "desc": "5、 amphi-表示quot;两个,两种quot;amphibian两栖动物(amphi+bi生命+an→两个生命→两栖动物)amphicar水陆两用车(amphi+car车→两用车)6、an-在词根前, ...", "img": "", "title": "通过词根记单词 5amphi-", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=14501" }, { "desc": " I had received three letters from Maggie and had not had a chance to answer any of them. With my time in the Army quickly coming to an end, there ", "img": "https:\/\/links123-images.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com\/ladder\/task\/20170811\/598d9cf164639.jpg", "title": "Wouldn't It Be Something(10\/8\/15)", "url": "https:\/\/iread.links123.com\/article.html?id=33145" } ], "varpage": "1<\/a>...7<\/a>8<\/a>9<\/a>10<\/a>11<\/a>12<\/a>13<\/a>...654<\/a>更多...<\/a>" }